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Issues in Family Policy - FAM SERV 5162 (Fleming): Home

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A Few Tips

  • Bill = proposed law. Enacted = signed into law. Res = resolution (not usually policy issues so avoid these). Need a civics refresher? Watch I'm Just a Bill.

  • Federal bills tend to be a bit easier to research than state bills.

  • Since we are early in the legislative session, there may not be very many bills yet. To get more options, you can search bills from previous years using most of the suggested tools below.

  • Don't worry too much if the % chance of a bill passing is pretty low. That's common & doesn't make the issues any less important.

  • Keywords matter when you search. A search for an Iowa bill using the keywords Planned Parenthood turned up no results because that phrase is not in a bill. But a search for family planning did show results. Try synonyms and related (broader/narrower) terms.

  • Think about policy research as about issues, not about politics.

Find a Federal Bill or Law

Find a State Bill or Law

If selecting state-level legislation, focus only on the state where you are registered to vote.

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Known-article Search

Known-article search

This search will link to full-text journals to which Rod Library subscribes. Search by publication title or use Citation Linker to enter citation information.