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Child Abuse & Neglect: Handbooks


Evans, K. M.  (2013).  Child Abuse and Domestic Violence.   Detroit, MI: Gale. 
Electronic version available through Gale Virtual Reference Library
In nine chapters information about the characteristics, prevalence, causes, prevention, and consequences of child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and family violence is presented.  Legal and law enforcement aspects are also explored.

Kendall-Tackett, K. A., & Giacomoni, S. M. (Eds.). (2005).  Child Victimization: Maltreatment; Bullying and Dating Violence; Prevention and Intervention.   Kingston, NJ: Civic Research Institute.
Rod Library UNI Stacks HV 6626.5 C52 2005
Explores the incidence, impact, and treatment of various types of child abuse and neglect (including sexual abuse, Internet sex crimes, and child maltreatment), as well as peer-to-peer victimization (including bullying, harassment, and dating violence)  The book  is organized in 4 groups of chapters: current trends and statistics; impacts (sequelae) of child victimization; peer victimization; and intervention, prevention, and policy.  Sample chapter titles include "Children, animal abuse, and family violence," Child victimization, cognitive functioning,and academic performance," and "Making a difference--critical factors in the development of federal policies for child victimization."

Heitmeyer, W., & Hagan, J. (Eds.). (2003).  International Handbook of Violence Research.  Boston, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Rod Library UNI Reference HM 886 I566 2003
Explores violence, its victims and perpetrators, from socio-psychological, historical, political, and legal perspectives.  The 62 signed essays explore the characteristics and motives of violent individuals, the causes and prevention of  individual and group victimization, the social structures giving rise to violence, and the methodologies for studying interpersonal violence. Among the essays relevant to those studying child abuse and neglect are chapter 3.1 "Learning of Aggression  in the Home and Peer Group" (pages 495-509), chapter 4.1, "Violence against Children" (pages 719-735), and 4.7, "Trauma and Violence in Children and Adolescents" (pages 817-832).  Subject index at the end of the volume.

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