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Distance Learners
by Jerilyn Marshall - Last Updated Sep 7, 2016
This guide outlines library services and resources for distance learners at the University of Northern Iowa.
Diverse and Multicultural Children's Literature - LITED 3121 Advanced Children's Literature - Watson and Meachum
by Katelyn Browne - Last Updated Nov 15, 2016
A guide to researching and locating diverse & multicultural children's literature for students in LITED 3121. AS OF NOVEMBER 2016: significant parts of this guide are out-of-date. Updated resources are in progress!
Educational Psychology (EDPSYCH 3148) - Forsyth
by Angie Cox - Last Updated Jul 5, 2016
This guide was created to support Educational Psychology (EDPSYCH 3148).
Educational Research (MEASRES 6205) - Joram
by Angie Cox - Last Updated Sep 12, 2016
A guide to resources and best practices for educational research.
Exploring Issues & Trends in Instructional Technology - INSTTECH 4131 / INSTTECH 5131 - Ping Gao
by Chris Neuhaus - Last Updated Jan 5, 2017
Resources and techniques for locating research on Instructional Technology (Educational Technology)
History of U.S. Higher Education - POSTSEC 6260 - Waggoner
by Anne Marie Gruber - Last Updated Jul 28, 2016
Portal to online and print databases, journals, books, and websites covering the history of higher education
Learning and Motivation in Classroom Contexts - EDPSYCH 3148 - Gabriele
by Angie Cox, Chris Neuhaus - Last Updated Apr 1, 2017
A portal to ERIC, PsycINFO, high impact educational psychology journals, and guides to best practices in education research.
Masters in Mathematics Education - Catherine Miller and Elizabeth Hughes
by Anne Marie Gruber - Last Updated Jan 20, 2017
Graduate student guide to resources and research methods for mathematics education.
New Developments in Mathematics Education - MATH 6201 - Jihwa Noh and Catherine Miller
by Anne Marie Gruber - Last Updated Jul 28, 2016
This guide provides access to databases, ebooks, and online journals for research in mathematics education.
People with Disabilities in Film
by Barb Weeg - Last Updated Apr 4, 2017
Primary Sources: Digital Archives, Collections, Libraries, and Repositories - Alex Oberle
by Chris Neuhaus - Last Updated Jan 3, 2017
This guide pulls together free (open access) resources from various digital libraries, institutional repositories, and other online initiatives. Search strategies and techniques are given for a number of the major resources.
Schools and American Society - SOCFOUND 3119 - Alkouri - Parpucu
by Chris Neuhaus - Last Updated Jan 5, 2017
This guide provides links to powerful tools for locating research on education as well as tips and examples for making the best use of these resources.
Science Education
by Katelyn Browne, Anne Marie Gruber - Last Updated Apr 7, 2017
This guide provides Rod Library and web resources on current and future science educators. Note that some subscription resources are available to UNI faculty/staff/students only, or may be available in Rod Library.