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Comparative Politics - POL COMP 1040 - Jill Wittrock: Research

Finding research articles with Public Affairs (an example)

Finding research articles that are are focused on a specific topic takes some experimentataion.

Here is an example using the Public Affairs Index database.

In this example we start with the topic immigrants and focus and modify that idea.  Then we add a geographic focus - Europe.  Finally, we apply another focus or lens - that of economics.  Notice that with each step there should be some experimentation until the end result is a set of results that are all focused on a similar issue and setting.



  1. Type in a topic, then experiment by changing the search field to either TI Title, AB Abstract,
    or SU Subject.


  2. Experiment with the search term by combining synonyms with the boolean operator OR   

    e.g. immigrants OR refugees

    Consider adding the asterisk (truncation) to quickly search for all forms of a word that share a common prefix.  

    e.g. immigra*    finds immigrant, immigrants, immigration, immigrating, immigrated etc.  

  3. Focus your topic to a region or additional topic.  Experiment with each search term added - Subject vs Abstract, synonyms with OR, all forms of the word with asterisk.


  4. Limit your results to  Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals option farther down the page (left-hand side).
  5. Limit your results to Publication Date farther down the page (left-hand side). 



Focused Databases

Interlibrary Loan

Request an article from interlibrary loan via Find it @ UNI

  1. Click on Borrow from other libraries (Find it!) 
  2. Sign in to Interlibrary Loan (upper left-hand corner)
  3. Click on the link to "ILLiad"
  4. Fill out your contact information
  5. Be sure both Journal Title (name of journal) and Article Title are entered.
  6. Click on Submit Request (at the bottom of the page)


Interlibrary loan via library website

  1. Go to the Rod Library website
  2. Click on Interlibrary Loan (left-hand column)
  3. Click on Request a Loan Through ILLiad
  4. Click on Journal Article (or Book or Book Chapter)
  5. Fill out form.
  6. Click on Submit Request (at the bottom of the page)