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ANTH 3159 - Disaster Planning and Response - Grey

This guide covers tools and resources important for students studying disaster planning and response.

Search Basics

When beginning research, it's a good idea to develop a concise expression of your search topic or research question. After doing so, identify the topic's two or three most important concepts.


  • Take keywords or main ideas from your research question
  • Finds words in articles and books you've read on the topic
  • List synonyms and/or use a thesaurus


Get More Results (Broaden Search)

  • Gather your synonyms and use OR.
    • Example: "New Orleans" OR Louisiana OR "Gulf Coast"
  • Get all endings of root words in one search, using the asterisk (*)
    • Example: Get all endings of the word flood -- flood, floods, flooding, flooded etc.
    • Example: flood*


Get Less Results (Narrow Search)

  • Use AND between search terms.  Both search terms must show up in your results.
    • Example: "New Orelans" AND disaster AND prepar*


Search Within Parts of Article:

  • Within a database, limit to certain "fields"
    • Examples: Titles, abstracts, and subject headings


Example of searching Academic Search Elite limiting to specific fields such as Title and Abstract.