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TEXDSGN 2004 - History of Costume - Lynch: Home

Guide to historical research of fashion and costume design.

History of Costume Survival Kit

Sears Catalogs


The Sears Catalog is a great place to look for department store grade clothing/outfts.

Copies of the Sears Catalog can be found at UNI Stacks TS199 .S43.  

When you are done looking through copies of the Sears Catalog - leave them at the table where you were using them - we'll put them back.

Please use the digital scanners to make copies of the pages and images you are interested in.  Do not check them out as 1. they are HEAVY  and 2. others will want to use them too.  When you are finished scanning a catalog, leave it at the table next to the scanner.

The Rod Library has Sears Catalogs for the following years:   1946, 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1974, , 1977, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1988, 1991, and 1993.


"Seventeen" - Magazine & Microfilm



The magazine Seventeen is available in print/magazine format for the years: 1964-1974  and 1996 - present in the periodicals at HQ798 .S43

Seventeen is available in microfilm for the years: 1969 - 1995 in the gray colored microfilm cabinets at call number HQ798 .S43

Newspapers - The Microfilm Solution

Microfilm allows you to quickly move from one section of advertising to another (e.g. Sunday to Sunday).  Using the Large-Monitor microfilm reader helps you to quickly scan and locate costumes/outfits of interes.  You can then perform any combination of operations on the image - download, crop, print, and enhance,

New York Times, Des Moines Register, and the Waterloo Courier are just a few of the newspapers available on microfilm.  If your costume/outfil is not particularly "fancy" - perhaps just plain old midwestern department store style clothing - you may want to scanning the clothing advertisements in either the Des Moines Register or the Waterloo Courier.

You are ALWAYS welcome to ask a librarian for help with the microfilm and the scanners.

When you're done with the microfilm, return it to the box, and put the box on top of the gray filing cabinets.