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History Research Guide for Upward Bound: Primary Sources at UNI

Access to primary (older) and secondary (recent) newspapers, magazines, and books owned by the UNI Rod Library. Also provides resources and instruction for locating free historical material.

New York Times - Online (1851 forward) [First Choice]

New York Times 1851 - present


Limit your search by year(s) and perhaps by title (Document title - TI).  



You may want to limit your search to articles or editorials.





 You can either print off the article (the "print" option in this database works best) or download the article as a PDF.


WARNING - do not save the web address (URL) as the web address will NOT work when you return to your school.


Find Older Books with OneSearch (Rod Library Catalog)

JSTOR - Scholarly Articles from 1830 - present


Nexis Uni - News from 1980 - Today

Reader's Guide 1890-present (an index - points to but does not contain articles)


Reader's Guide Retrospective (database)  1890-1982

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature (print) 1900-2003
UNI Index/Abstract AI3 .R48

​Nineteenth Century Reader's Guide
UNI Index/Abstract AI3 .

(see map under Poole's Index for location of Print Indexes)


Older Magazines in the Rod Library



Newspapers - The Microfilm Solution


Microfilm allows you to browse the entire issues of a newspaper.  Knowing the exact or approximate date of an event is essential.  Using the Large-Monitor microfilm reader helps you to locate articles on your topic and then crop, enhance, download, and print your article.  Des Moines Register, and the Waterloo Courier are just a few of the newspapers available on microfilm.  

You are ALWAYS welcome to ask a librarian for help with the microfilm and the scanners.

When you're done with the microfilm, return it to the box, and put the box on top of the gray filing cabinets.


Newspaper Archive [short runs of a wide variety of newspapers]



Newspaper Archive

Digital archive of small town newspapers.


Choose "Search" to access "Advanced Search".



Advanced Search will allow you to limit your search by date and by location (state).




You may download pages from newspapers for your project by clicking on "file" icon (highlighted in black below).

You will then want to save this file as a PDF. 

Note - you should rename the PDF file so that it includes the name and date of the newspaper.



London Times (1785 forward) [International]

Sunday Times Archive (1822 forward) [International]




Illustrated London News (1842 forward) [International]

Economist Historical Archive (1843 forward) [International]

National Geographic (1888 forward) [International]