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ANTH 3440 / 5440 and HIST 4020 / 5020 - Introduction to Museum Studies - Arndt

This guide covers tools and resources important for students in museum studies.

Google Search Tricks

using the intitle:  site:   "quotes"  and  -minus  commands to focus your Google search.

Limit to government, educational, and organizational sites  (site:)

  • Example:  "late archaic" "pottery"  site:gov

  • Example: "mastodons" "Clovis points"  site:edu

  • Example: "famine" "relief" 

Use quotes around a single word/phrase to force Google to include a word/phrase

  • Example:  "Woodland" "Archaeology" 

Use quotes around a phrase to keep words next to each other

  • Example:  "old copper culture"

Use intitle:  to find websites with specific words or phrases in the title

  • Example:  intitle:Oneota intitle:pottery
  • Example:  intitle:"Mississippi Valley"  "Prehistoric" 
  • Example:  intitle:"Old Kingdom"  intitle:Egypt   "art"

Use minus sign (-) to exclude words

  • Example:  "hurricanes"   -football    -"Miami Hurricanes"

Google Books

(Advanced) Google Books: Access to Millions of Books

To date, Google has scanned 30 million books which is more than the UNI Library owns.  After searching what we have at UNI, search Google Books to expand your possibilities.  One caveat with Google Books is copyright.  For anything written after 1923, you will only be able to see parts of the book.  If you decide you need the entire book, you can request it through interlibrary loan.


Best Ways to Search Google Books: Use Advanced Google Books

  • In Google, type advanced Google Books (Don't use plain/regular Google Books).
  • Click the "Limited Preview and Full View" button.


Use Google Books Advanced to limit your book searches to particular years of publication and to set searches to "Limited preview and full view"




Best Ways to Search Google Books: Search within a Book for Specific Keywords


Use the "Find in a library" (or "Get this book in print") options to locate a complete version of a book - and - to get a citation (MLA, APA, Chicago) generated by WorldCat