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People with Disabilities in Film: Start Here

Start Here

This LibGuide is focused on the portrayal in film of individuals or groups of people who have disabilities.

The Documentaries and Feature Films sections provide information about Rod Library holdings of films in which people or characters who have disabilities are portrayed.  A distinction may be made between documentaries and feature films.  Documentaries are non-fiction, endeavor to portray reality, and are designed to instruct.  Feature films are generally fiction, designed to entertain.  Some of the videos available at Rod Library are also available through the Kanopy video delivery service licensed by Rod Library.

Additional Film Lists and Databases links to Web sites created by others who are interested in the topic.  

Tips for searching for more Rod Library films about disabilities are given in Searching Rod Library.  More information about the Kanopy video delivery service.  

According to the IRIS Center at Vanderbilt University and Claremont Graduate University, "The ways in which individuals and groups are portrayed in popular media can have a profound effect on how they are viewed by society at large."  This LibGuide, like the IRIS guide, does not endorse any feature film and we note that many representations in motion pictures (feature films) of people with disabilities remain "inaccurate, and some are offensive.  Their inclusion in this tool is intended to stimulate discussion and should by no means be considered an endorsement of their accuracy or appropriateness."

The People with Disabilities in Film LibGuide is supported by an "And Justice For All" Reaching for Higher Ground Grant and was created with the assistance of  Student Disability Services and Rod Library student staff.