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GEOG 4550 and 6550 - Senior Seminar - Water Resources - May

Best databases and tutorials for locating research on water resources, drinking water, groundwater or ground water, aquifers, hydrology, water pollution, and water rights.

Search Tips for OneSearch

To focus your searches using OneSearch try the following commands:


Another powerful technique is to search for your topic (keywords) in the title of articles.  To do this change the dropdown menu in the AdvancedSearch from “Select a Field” to “TI Title”





For the following search example the word runoff and either the phrase “water quality” ro some form of the word pollution (e.g. polluted or pollution or polluting) must appear in the title of the article.

Be sure to limit the results to “Full Text” and “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.”


OneSearch "Advanced Search"

How to find research articles on communication issues with OneSearch “Advanced Search.”

  1. Head to the Rod Library website –     (or just google – UNI Library)
  2. Click on the “Advanced Search” option under the OneSearch search blank.
  3. Type in your topic and search.  
  4. After you get (too many) results you can focus your search as follows:


    On the left-hand column of the results page try the following:
    • Check the box labeled "Peer-reviewed Journals" to limit your search to quality research
    • Adjust the “Publication Date” bar to a recent date range e.g. 2013 to 2018 if you are looking for more current research.
    • Click on "Expand My Results" and check the box if you want to search a larger universe of research literature - and are willing to use interlibrary loan.
  5. To get results click on "Full text available"

OneSearch: Citing Your Sources in APA

To cite the news articles you find with OneSearch do the following:

  1. Go to the OneSearch results page
  2. Click on the title of the article
  3. Click on the Citation option
  4. Choose the citation style – APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian
  6. Paste the citation to your document.
  7. Fix the errors in the citation.  All online citation generators are prone to error (indeed they’re quite good at goofing up) … so you’ll need to clean up the citations you copy.