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Mathematics (General)

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Mathematics books (QA1-QA59 & QA76.95-QA939) are located on the fourth floor of Rod Library.

  • QA1-145: Mathematics (General). Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic

    • QA8: Mathematics - Philosophy
    • QA9-10: Mathematical logic
    • QA11-20: Mathematics - Study and teaching
    • QA21-30: Mathematics - History
    • QA75.5-76.95: Computer science
    • QA95: Mathematical recreations
    • QA101-145: Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic
  • QA150-272.5 Algebra

    • QA162: Abstract algebra
    • QA164-167.2: Combinatorics (including Graph theory)
    • QA169: Homological algebra
    • QA174-183: Group theory
    • QA184-205: Linear and multilinear algebras. Matrices
    • QA211-218: Theory of equations
    • QA221-224: Approximation theory
    • QA241-247.5: Number theory
    • QA267-268.5: Machine theory. Abstract machines. Abstract automata
  • QA273-299.4 Probabilities. Mathematical statistics. Numerical analysis

    • QA273: Probabilities
    • QA274: Stochastic processes
    • QA276-280: Mathematical statistics
    • QA297-299.4: Numerical analysis
  • QA299.6-433 Analysis

    • QA303-316: Calculus
    • QA319-329: Functional analysis
    • QA331-355: Theory of functions
    • QA370-380: Differential equations
    • QA401-425: Analytical methods used in the solution of physical problems (including Mathematical optimization)
  • QA440-699 Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology

    • QA451-469: Elementary geometry
    • QA471: Projective geometry
    • QA501-521: Descriptive geometry
    • QA531-538: Trigonometry
    • QA551-563: Analytic geometry
    • QA564-609: Algebraic geometry
    • QA611-614 Topology (including Manifolds and cell complexes)
    • QA615-639: Infinitesimal geometry
    • QA641-670: Differential geometry
  • QA801-939 Analytic mechanics

    • QA821-835: Statics
    • QA841-842: Kinematics
    • QA843-871: Dynamics
    • QA901-930: Fluid mechanics
    • QA931-939: Elasticity. Plasticity

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