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Biographical Information: Find Books ABOUT People

Use Books/Media to Find Books

Use the Books/Media tab located on the Library's Web site at to find biographical works in Rod Library's collection.  Do a Keyword search and type in the name of the individual in the first search box (last name first with "" around the name), select AND, and type the word biography in the second search box. Here are some examples:

"king, stephen" AND biography

euclid AND biography

"clinton, hillary" AND  biography

You may also search for information ABOUT a person by searching for that person as a subject.  A search for Freud, Sigmund as a subject will give you a set of subject headings from which to choose.  Below are listed some of the subject headings that may contain information about the personal and professional life of Freud.

Freud, Sigmund 1856-1939

Freud, Sigmund 1856-1939 -- Childhood and youth

Freud, Sigmund 1856-1939--Correspondence

Freud, Sigmund 1856-1939--Diaries

Freud, Sigmund 1856-1939--Ethics

Freud, Sigmund 1856-1939--Family

Freud, Sigmund 1856-1939--Friends and associates

Freud, Sigmund 1856-1939--Influence

Freud, Sigmund 1856-1939--Religion

Subject Guide