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People with Disabilities in Film: Documentaries

Documentaries at Rod Library (alphabetical by title)

Rod Library holdings of some documentaries (instructional films) portraying individuals or groups who have disabilities are listed below in alphabetical order according to the film's title.  The call number for each film is given.  A few words describing each film's focus are provided; use Control+f to search these listings.  Click on each film title to connect to the Rod Library OneSearch!  listing that contains more information about the film.

If you learn the names of films not on this list, please search the Rod Library's Books/Media to learn if we do own them.  The Books/Media option of OneSearch! will search UNI holdings.  

To search for more films owned by Rod Library depicting individuals who have disabilities, consult Searching Rod Library.

Autism: The Musical (2008)
Rod Library FPAC Collection RJ 506.A9 A924 2008 DVD  
Autism; Children with disabilities

Autism in Love
Rod Library Video RC 553.A88 A882 2015 DVD 
Autism; Intimacy; Love

Brain Injury Dialogues
Rod Library Video  RC 387.5 .B69 2009 DVD 
Brain damage; Brain injury

A Brief History of Time
Rod Library Video QC 16.H33 B75 2014 DVD  and BLU-RAY
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; ALS; Motor neurone disease; Stephen Hawking; Mathematicians; Astrophysicists; Biographical films

Darius Goes West (2008?)
Rod Library Youth Collection  Y B WEE DVD  
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; Darius Weems; Biographical films

Disabilities and Motherhood
Rod Library Video  HQ 759 .D57 1995 VHS  
Pregnancy in women with disabilities; Blind

Educating Peter
Rod Library Video  LC 4031 .E386 1993 VHS and guide
Down Syndrome; Inclusive education

Freedom Machines
Rod Library Video LC 4812 .F744 2004 DVD  
Assistive technologies; Inclusive education; Disability awareness

Graduating Peter
Rod Library Video  RJ 506.D68 G723 2003 VHS  
Down Syndrome; Inclusive education

I Can't Do This But I Can Do That: A Film for Families about Learning Differences
Rod Library Video LC 4704 .I23 2011 DVD 
Children with disabilities; Dyslexia; Learning disabilities

I'm Tyler: Don't Be Surprised
Rod Library Video HV 1569.3.Y68 I6 2000z DVD 
Cerebral Palsy; Disability awareness; Teenagers

Including Samuel
Rod Library Video LC 1200 .I49 2009 DVD  1-2  and guide
Children with disabilities; Inclusive education

The Key of G
Rod Library Video HV 1552.3 .K49 2007 DVD
Group homes

King Gimp
Rod Library Video RC 388 .K56 2002 VHS
Cerebral Palsy; Artists

Lives Worth Living
Rod Library Video HV 1553 .L57 2011 DVD 
People with disabilities--Civil rights; Americans with Disability Act; Disability Rights Movement; Disability awareness; Frederick A. Fay

Mimi and Dona
Rod Library Video HV 1570 .M56 2015 DVD
Intellectual disability; Caregivers; Adult children of aging parents; Parents

A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back to Autism
Rod Library Video RJ 506.A9 M68 2010 DVD 
Autism; Children; Parents

Rod Library Video GV 945 .M87 2005 DVD
Quadriplegia; Athletics 

The New Asylums
Rod Library Video RC 451.4 P68N49 2005 DVD (edited version) and
Rod Library Video RC 451.4 P68N49 2005 DVD c. 2
Mental illness; Psychiatric disability; Incarceration; Criminal justice system

Positively Autistic
Rod Library Video RC 553.A88 P67 2008 DVD 
Autism;  Disability awareness

Real Life Teens: Teens and Disabilities
Rod Library Video HV 1569.3.Y68 T44 2007 DVD 
Disability; Teenagers

Refrigerator Mothers
Rod Library Video RJ 506.A9 R44 2002 DVD 
Autism; Children; Parents

The Released
Rod Library Video RC 455.4 S67R45 2009 DVD
Mental illness; Psychiatric disability; Incarceration; Criminal justice system

Sound and Fury
Rod Library Video  HV 2392.2 .S68 2002 DVD

Swim Team (2017)
Rod Library Video GV 837.4 .S3945 2017 DVD
Autism; Teenagers; Jersey Hammerheads (Swim team)

Untold Desires
Rod Library Video HQ 30.5  .U58 2008 DVD
Disability; Mental disability; Sexual behavior; Sexuality

When Billy Broke his Head
Rod Library Video RC 387.5 .W53 1994 DVD 
Brain damage; Brain injury

Who Cares about Kelsey?
Rod Library Video LC 1201 W56 2012 DVD
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Teenagers: Inclusive education



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