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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

A helpful LibGuide to answer your general questions regarding interlibrary loan services.

How to Submit an ILL Request

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Find an article or book you like, but it's not in the Rod Library collection? That's what ILL is for! With ILL, your item can be requested from other libraries. This service is open to all current students, faculty (emeritus included), and staff at UNI! What does it cost? We always ask to lend for free, but some times the lending library does charge a fee. Students primarily do not have to pay this fee; the Rod Library covers the cost. If a faculty/staff member is charged for an ILL, you or your department will be charged. Ready? Submit your request through ILLIAD (Interlibrary Loan Internet Accessible Database) today.

How is My Request Processed?

  1. ILL Department receives request in ILLIAD
  2. We search a worldwide database for your item
  3. The system asks a library on the list if we can borrow it
  4. Item is shipped to us
  5. We receive and process item
  6. We send you an email when it's ready

Why Was My Request Rejected?

A request can be rejected if all lending libraries were unable to send the item. These are common reason why:

  1. Item is checked out
  2. Item is on hold for someone
  3. Rare or valuable item that cannot leave their library
  4. Some libraries will not lend a new item for the first 6 months after they purchased it

NOTE: If an item cannot be lent by any of the libraries, we will contact you.

Get It Now

What is Get It Now? Get It Now is a purchase alternative regarding ILL and copyright law (see Helpful Links on this page for more information about copyright).

How do you know if you need something from Get It Now? Honestly, you won't know. Thankfully, Get It Now is something the ILL staff will handle, so we will know if your request requires Get It Now. There's nothing special you need to do; we handle it for you!

Digitize Request

Digitize Request

Find an article we own and you want a digital copy? We can do that, too!

Step 1: Type in the name of the article into OneSearch (make sure the "Expand Search" box is clicked - found on the top right)

Step 2: Once you see the article title you want, click on the title. This will pull up more information.

Step 3: Under the heading "Get It" it will ask you to sign in, if you haven't already. Sign in using your CatID and passphrase.

Step 4: Once signed in, you should see a "Digitize" button. Click it.

Step 5: A screen will appear with a list of the journal volumes. Click on the volume that corresponds to your article. If you're not sure, click any one; we can figure it out for you.

Step 6: A form will appear for you to look over and submit.

Step 7: Once we have digitized your request, you will receive an email. And that's it!