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COMM 1000 - Oral Communication

Find Articles

Use the basic databases below to find scholarly articles.

Subject Databases

If OneSearch or the basic databases didn't work to find scholarly articles, try a database below.







What is a Scholarly Article?

1. They are written by experts - look for an author's credentials or affiliations.

2. They are written for other experts or people in academia. Think of each scholarly work as a voice in an ongoing conversation to which you will add your voice when you write a paper. 

3. They use scholarly language with technical, discipline-specific vocabulary.

4. They provide verifiable and reliable evidence for claims. Even if the resource is a general history/overview it will contain well-researched information that the reader can verify.

5. They may be peer-reviewed. Many journals go through an editorial process where other experts review and assess the information. 

Content adapted from California State University, Meriam Library