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COMM COR 2020 - Introduction to Research Methods - Brand

Finding Quantitative Research using CMMC

Finding Quantitative Research with CMMC
(Communication and Mass Media Complete)

Plan A

In the first line search for quantitative research as a Subject
In the second line search for your topic e.g. social media

Type the words quantitative research in a subject search in CMMC to find quantitative studies in communication. Type in topic in the second search blank.



Plan B

In the first line search for content analysis as a Subject
In the second line search for your topic e.g. news websites
* Note - content analysis may utilize either quantitative or qualitative methods - be sure to look at the methodology and results.

Another type of study in communication studies is content analysis. Type in content analysis as a subject in CMMC and then type your topic in the second search blank.



Plan C   (Searching for all types of research - inspecting results for quantitative research)

This method is used to find any type of research including both quantitative and qualitative research.
It attempts to tease out research by searching for common parts of a research article: the Methods or Methodology section, the Results section, and the Discussion section.

In the first line search for Method* AND Results AND Discussion as a TX All Text.
Separate each word in the first search blank with the command AND
In the second line search for your topic e.g. politic*

The asterisk * is used to find either Methods or Methodology and all forms of the word politic, politics, political, politician, politicians

The TX All Text command searches the entire contents of an article (in the case for Methods or Methodology, Results, Discussion)


Important *** Because this technique finds ALL types of research you will need to select quantitative research articles from among the results.

One technique for finding research articles is to search the full text of articles for the words Method or Methodology and Results and Discussion. Use the asterisk at the end of Method. Separate Method*, Results, Discussion with the command "AND" . Limit the search blank to TX All Text. Type your topic in the second (and third) search blanks.

Finding Quantitative Research in Communication Studies using APA PsycInfo

Finding Quantitative Research with APA PsycInfo
(APA PsycInfo)

There are four steps to take before searching when you want to find quantitative research articles using APA PsycInfo.

First Step -scroll down the search until you find the option Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals (check this box) 
Second Step - scroll farther down to the bottom of the search page where you'll find the box Methodology.
Third Step - scroll through the options in the Methodology box and highlight the QUANTITATIVE STUDY option.
Fourth Step - check the box labeled Exclude Dissertations (found directly under the Methodology box).


To search for quantitative research In PsycInfo - click on Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, then choose Quantitative Study out of the Methodology box, and finally click on Exclude Dissertations..


Now you are ready to search - but remember, PsycInfo is not a "Communication Studies" database - so it might need some help.

For instance in the first line search you might type communication as a Subject [SU Subjects]
In the second line search for your topic e.g. health care 


To focus on research in communication when searching APA PsycInfo, consider typing the word "communication" as a subject search in the first blank and then your topic in the second blank.