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Thesis & Dissertation Submission Process

Details for submitting a thesis / dissertation and meeting all Grad College submission requirements

Review Process

  1. Students must submit a copy of their thesis (via email, as a Word Document) to the Thesis & Dissertation Reviewer by the review deadline.
    • This does not need to be a final, defended copy.
    • Students should submit as much as they have completed to ensure a more thorough review.
    • The Reviewer will send students a copy of their submitted thesis / dissertation with comments on required corrections.
    • Students can make appointments for assistance on corrections as needed.
  2. The Reviewer will add comments and provide screenshots / videos or other helpful tools to provide corrections to student works. The review will check for:
    • Formatting of thesis / dissertation. Information on requirements are found on the Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Guide
    • Proper use and management of citations. These should follow the style guide approved by your department (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.) and be properly managed so that all sources cited in the text of the document, appear in the references / bibliography.
  3. Students should carefully review all corrections and implement them prior to submitting their final thesis / dissertation. Appointments can be made for clarification and assistance in making these corrections by using the Appointment Calendar. Additional electronic reviews are encouraged.

Note: you should aim to send a copy for review no earlier than the Monday before the deadline to ensure you get as thorough of a review as possible. If you defend your thesis prior to the review week, you may send it sooner (please include a note that the work is defended) as the copy will be close to the final draft. If you send a partial draft early in the semester, it will be considered a "pre-check" and you'll likely need to resubmit for the review deadline. The Reviewer will indicate if that is the case.

What is a Review?

A review ensures that students meet the requirements set forth by the university and the Graduate College. Information on these requirements can be found on the Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Guide and in the Thesis & Dissertation Manual. The two main components checked during the review are the formatting of the thesis and that all citations in the thesis are properly managed and follow the style selected by the student's department (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.).



The Graduate College maintains an approved style that all submitted theses / dissertations must follow. This style outlines things ranging from page margins to labeling of tables / figures. It is not an exhaustive manual and leaves some items up to the preferred style of the department, the field of the student's work, and personal preference. The work should reflect a level of professionalism and consistency; specific questions on allowed formatting can be directed to the Thesis & Dissertation Reviewer and the student's program.

Steps on how to format can be found in the Formatting Guide.



Students should use the style manual that is approved by their department for styling and usage of citing sources. All in text citations are required to match an entry in the references / bibliography. Students should manage their citation use while writing and check their work throughout the process. 

During this portion of the review, every in text citation is checked for proper style and matched to the corresponding reference entry. Author's names, year of publication, and all of the in text source information is checked to ensure it corresponds to the reference entry. The reference entries are checked for proper format and to ensure all required source information is included.