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Thesis & Dissertation Submission Process

Details for submitting a thesis / dissertation and meeting all Grad College submission requirements

Submission Process

  1. ​Students will have until the submission deadline to defend and make all corrections required by their committee. This is to say, the content should be complete and finalized by this deadline.
    • This copy must also address all corrections requested by the Reviewer from the review deadline and these corrections should be continued to be applied as the student continues writing and editing the thesis
    • A final review will be conducted upon submission and students will need to make any final, requested corrections by the date indicated in the email they receive.
    • Submissions with a lot of corrections may not be corrected in time for fall approval. Students should use appointments and additional checks to help ensure this does not happen.
  2. An electronic approval process will be used. Students should submit the electronic approval form that coordinates with their degree type. 
    • Students should submit the form upon their committee's approval.
    • The form will electronically workflow to the necessary approvers.
    • Students will not receive notification of approval until after the Graduate College completes the final check and remaining steps are completed. Students should submit their electronic copy to as soon as this is submitted (not approved).
  3. Print copies of the work will not be collected.
  4. Students who wish to receive signed, hard copies of their approval page(s) will be responsible for obtaining committee members' signatures and we ask for Graduate Secretaries to collect these pages and campus mail them to the Graduate College. The student will receive these pages via mail to a permanent mailing address.

Dissertation Submission Materials

EdD Submissions:

DT/DIT Submissions:

  • Electronic copy of final, defended dissertation with all corrections made
  • Electronic approval (DIT - Dissertation Approval Form)


Thesis Submission Materials


Music Submission Materials