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Thesis & Dissertation Submission Process

Details for submitting a thesis / dissertation and meeting all Grad College submission requirements

Committee Formation (before writing)

At the beginning of your graduate career, you'll have the opportunity to form relationships with faculty in your program and in related fields. When you've formed your committee, submit a Committee Appointment Form.

Master's & EdS Thesis Committees:

The composition for the thesis committee requires one chairperson and two committee members. There may not be co-chairs on a thesis committee. The chair and at least one committee member must have Graduate Faculty Status. One of the committee members may have Associate Faculty status and can potentially be outside of the university with the appropriate approvals. Thesis committees allow for an additional member to be added to the required core composition for a maximum of four members.

EdD Dissertation Committees:

The EdD committee has a couple of approved compositions, the form details all possible combinations. The requirements are: four members, at least three of whom have Graduate Faculty Status and up to one who has Associate Faculty Status. Committees may have a single chairperson or two co-chairs. All other members will be committee members. EdD committees may include optional readers who are added beyond the core composition.

DIT/DT Dissertation Committees:

The DIT / DT committee must have the following members: advisor, co-advisor, committee member, and two outside-of-technology members. Any additional members are optional.

Formatting Workshops (during writing)

Formatting Workshops are held every Fall and Spring semester. These workshops walk through the document formatting requirements of the Graduate College and provide some tips and tricks in Microsoft Word to make the process easier.

It is recommended that students attend a workshop during the semester in which they are completing their proposal draft (or approximately first three chapters).

Appointments & Pre-Checks (during writing)

It is recommended that students schedule appointments or email copies to the Reviewer early in the semester they intend to complete the work. This will help ensure the submission process goes smoothly. The student will receive feedback on the Grad College requirements (including a brief citation check and some help with document formatting).

Appointments can be made using the Thesis / Dissertation Appointment Calendar.

Submission Process

There are two deadlines that students must meet for the Graduate College in the semesters in which they intend to graduate. These deadlines and the process involved in meeting them will be updated on this guide. The two required deadlines currently are the Review Deadline and the Submission Deadline.

It is also important to note that students will need to apply for graduation.


Application for Graduation

The deadline to apply for graduation without a late fee always follows the dates listed in the table below. The final date to apply (with late fee) is always the end of term.

Semester Deadline

November 10

Spring April 1
Summer July 1