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Black Hawk County and Cedar Valley Monument / Memorial Resources: Home

This guide is created for TAG students at Holmes Jr. High School completing the Waterloo Monument / Memorial assignment.

Introduction to Rod Library Special Collections and University Archives

Welcome to Rod Library Special Collections at University Archives (SC&UA)! Our homepage is here, where you can learn about our policieshourscollections, and more. 

SC&UA is home to the University Archives and the Manuscripts Collection, which you may access by request. SC&UA is also home to a number of books, including the Rare Books Collection, the Stageberg Linguistics Collection, the Small Press Collection, the Wadle Paperback Collection, and the American Fiction Collection. You can read about these collections here. All of these books can be found in the library's online catalog.

Materials in SC&UA are open for public use and research, but because they are often fragile, rare, and valuable, the materials may not be used without supervision in the Special Collections reading room. We are more than happy to help you find and use the materials you may be interested in - just ask!

To speed up the research process, you may request specific materials from the archives ahead of time, and we will have the materials ready for you when you visit the reading room.

There are a few guidelines that all researchers in SC&UA must follow:

  • No food or drink
  • Do not mark, fold, or alter the material in any way
  • Leave your backpacks and any other belongings in the cubbies by the door
  • Be sure your hands are clean before handling materials
  • Especially fragile materials may require a book cradle or gloves for handling; we will assist you with this
  • Use pencil only (not pen) when you take notes
  • Cameras and laptops are permitted

If you have any other questions, ask us! There is usually somebody ready to help you at the SC&UA reference desk. You can also reach us via email at

If you would like to learn more about archives and how to use them, please visit the Society of American Archives' guide, "What are Archives?" 

Rare Books about Waterloo, Cedar Falls, the Cedar Valley, and Black Hawk County


IndexUNI is Rod Library's online repository of articles from official campus publications, dating back to 1876.

You can search this database through:

  • ARTICLES: Search 305,000+ articles based on keywords, time periods, and publication.
  • SUBJECTS: Peruse the list to find topics of interest - nearly 90,000 subjects.
  • AUTHORS: Browse through the list of 9,000 individual student, faculty, and staff authors
  • PUBLICATIONS: View publication dates and issues of 20 separate campus newspapers, newsletters and books.

Helpful hint: Try searching for terms like "Waterloo," "Rath Packing," "Herb Hake,"  "Price Lab School," and other specific people, places, and events.

Subject Heading Tips

You can narrow your search in the library catalog by using subject headings, which are generally topics, places, events, people, organizations, etc that a book or article is about. To search using subject headings, use the "subject" option from the dropdown in the advanced search.

You can also find relevant subjects from an individual record, such as from a book, and identify other relevant materials by clicking on the subject.

Some subjects that may help you in your research include:

Selected Iowa Histories

County and City Histories