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International Baccalaureate Program - UNI Rod Library Resources

Guide and portal to Rod Library databases that can be accessed on the campus of UNI.

APA PsycInfo (research on human behavior)

PsycINFO - Database for research on human behavior.

APA PsycInfo is a powerful database for research into human behavior.  APA PsycInfo allows you to limit by publication date and age groups. 


APA PsycInfo will not only allow you to limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, but within the Methodology options you can limit to EMPIRICAL STUDY or more specifically to either a QUALITATIVE STUDY or a QUANTITATIVE STUDY.

Where to look for primary sources (scholarly peer-reviewed journals)

Link to Rod Library Databases A-Z

Multi-Disciplinary Databases    


Subject Specific Databases

Google Scholar

  Google Scholar - Link for off campus  

Google Scholar returns articles based on relevancy - for instance - how many times the article has been cited by others, how many times your search terms show up in the article, whether your search term shows up in the title.  While this helps find both focused and important research - your initial results may only include older articles. 
You can adjust your Google Scholar search results so that you receive newer articles and more recent research. To do this, first search Google Scholar. Then after you receive your results use either the "Since" or "Sort by date" options on the upper-left hand side of the results page.

To learn more about using quotes and the intitle: command visit Advanced Research Techniques: Google Scholar