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SW 4144: Social Policies and Issues - Praglin

Citing Legislation

See examples 16 & 17 below from APA 7th edition (p. 364) to cite legislation in-text and if your References list. Definitions: 

  • Unenacted = not (yet) passed
  • Concurrrent resolution = acted upon in both the House & Senate. Resolutions are usually not proposing changes in law/policy, but rather are more akin to announcements.
  • Simple resolution = introduced & acted upon in only the House or Senate
  • Full glossary

Citing legislation APA 7th

Citing Video Congressional Testimony

Example for citing an online video of Congressional testimony:

APA gives us a way to cite testimony before Congress. Below is a suggested citation of an online video of an entire Congressional testimony (from APA 7th 11.6 example 14):


Federal real property reform: How cutting red tape and better management could achieve billions in savings, U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, 114th Cong. (2016) (testimony of Norman Dong).


In-text parenthetical citation:

(Federal Real Property Reform, 2016)