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Women's Studies

Use Books/Media to Find Books

To identify and locate books and other Library resources in women's studies, use the Books/Media tab located on the Rod Library Web page. To ensure that you use appropriate subject terms when you search for books, use the Library of Congress Subject Headings thesaurus which is accessible electronically through the Classification Web (choose the LC Subject Headings option) or in the printed Library of Congress Subject Headings volumes located at Rod Library Reference Collection Z 695 L696. Sample headings include:

  • businesswomen
  • teenage mothers
  • communication--sex differences
  • women
  • estrogen
  • women--Africa, Sub-Saharan
  • feminism
  • women--executives
  • feminism and the arts
  • women--psychology
  • lesbians
  • women--social reformers

Combining subject and gender-specific terms in Keyword searches is an effective way of retrieving research on women. Type in subject terms of interest and combine them with terms such as woman, women, or girls. For example, poverty AND (females OR women).   It is recommended that you use several search strategies.