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Psychological Tests & Measurements

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Eric Jennings
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Non-commercial test resources

The following links provide access to online directories for finding test and measurement resources some may be available freely and others may be available commercially. Please talk to your librarian for assistance in gaining access to these resources.

Commercial Library Databases

Databases in numerous disciplines provide access to journal articles in which researchers describe assessments or use them to measure human characteristics. Only some articles provide samples of test items and a smaller percentage provide the actual test in full.

Tips for Searching APA PsycInfo

Use the following trick to find test instruments when searching APA PsycInfo.

  • In the first search box, add the word "appended"
    • On the drop down menu to the right select "Tests and Measures"
  • In the second search box, add your term
    • do not change the default from "select a field"