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Industry Information Research Guide

This guide provides you with a starting point for researching industries.

Demographic and Industry Data

Analyst Reports

  • Search Tip 1: Create an account in order to access all the reports.  Click on Login at the upper right hand corner and enter your information.  This allows you to customize your portal and save research.
  • Search Tip 2: Use the filters in the middle of the page [Category, Region, Trend Drivers, Demographics] to drill down to a report you are looking for instead of using the search box.  
  • Search Tip for industry surveys: There are 2 ways to search: (1) Click on [Industries] in the top menu bar and use the drop-down box select your industry, OR  (2) enter a company's name in the search box, then select [Industry Survey] from the left navigation menu.
  • Search Tip for researching sub-industries: Click the [Markets] tab in the top menu bar. Then, on the far right side of your screen, click on [Refine Industries]. In the pop-up box drill-down and check your selected sub-industry, then click [Submit]. Use the left hand column for different sets of data on that sub-industry such as key stats & ratios, company level comparisons/financial operating metrics, news, etc.
  • Search Tip: Search by company name or ticker symbol, then select the company from the Company Profiles list. This brings you to the company profile. On the left side of the screen, click on the link for [Market Share Reports].​
  • Search Tip:  In the search box, type in First Research Industry Profiles and select [Publication] in the drop down, then scroll down browse for NAICS code.  Once selected, click the [Search] button.
  • Search Tip: Check the "Competitive Landscape" and "Major Companies" sections of an industry report for market share information.
  • Search Tip: Look up a company and click on the [Competitors] tab to view the company in a ranked list of its competitors. 
  • Search Tip: The [Report Builder] tab allows you to create custom reports, including company-industry comparison reports.