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ELEMCML 3161 - Teaching Elementary School Science

This library guide provides a selection of non-fiction books about science in the Rod Library Youth Collection.

Science Categories in the Dewey Decimal Classification System

Books in the Youth Collection are organized under the Dewey Decimal Classification system (DDC). Created by the father of modern librarianship, Melville Dewey, DDC breaks down all knowledge into 10 broad fields, with numbers from 000 to 999. Students in this class will focus on the 500s (Science). This category is broken down into 10 subcategories. Each section of this guide contains only a small sample of books in the collection. Because of high demand, the books listed may be already checked out. Please request assistance to locate other selections



Easy Readers/ Pictures about Science

500 - 509 General Information about Science

510 - 519 Mathematics

520 - 529 Astronomy (Stars & Planets)

530 - 539 Physics

540 - 549 Chemistry

550 - 559 Earth Science

560 -569 Paleontology (Dinosaurs)

570 - 579 Life Sciences

580 - 589 Plants

590 - 599 Zoology (Animals)