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Copyright at the University of Northern Iowa

Scholarly Communication

What Is Scholarly Communication, and Why Should I Care About It?

Scholarly communication is a multi-faceted term that encompasses various aspects of research and scholarship.  It can be defined succinctly as "the system of people, procedures, and tools through which the results of research and scholarship are registered, evaluated, disseminated, and preserved" (Ober, 2008)

Institutional Repositories

What Is an Institutional Repository?

According to Clifford Lynch, Executive Director of the Coalition of Networked Information, "A university-based institutional repository is a set of services that a university offers to the members of its community for the management and dissemination of digital materials created by the institution and its community members."

Creative Commons

With a Creative Commons license, you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit— and only on the conditions you specify. If you are unfamiliar with Creative Commons licensing, has prepared some basic things that you should think about before you apply a Creative Commons license to your work, and a list of FAQ's for you to use to determine if a Creative Commons license is right for you.

Author's Rights

Author's Rights Video

University of Northern Iowa Author Addendum

Sample Author Addendum From Other Institutions