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Historical/Cultural Maps

Bible Geocoding: (OpenBible.Info)
The location of every identifiable place mentioned in the Bible.

Charting the Nation: (Edinburgh University Library)
Historical maps of Scotland 1550 - 1740.

David Rumsey Map Collection (Cartographic Associates)
This collection includes over 15,800 maps focusing on "rare 18th and 19th century North and South America maps and other cartographic materials.

Ethnography and Religion Map Sites:
Gateway for historical Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in history, for historical cartography and for historical geography.  A new site for historical uses of GIS. Includes sections on events/conferences and jobs/fellowships.

Historical Maps Overview: (Cultural Resources, Inc.)
Maps grouped by historical period and also by geography.

Historical Map Sites:

Indian Culture: (Maps of India)
Dance, culture, languages, religions and crafts of India.

Maps & Charts Documenting the Expansion of Christianity 
(Yale University Divinity School Library)

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - Historical Maps (University of Texas Libraries)
Includes historical maps of all areas of the world.

Tony Campell's Map History site: (WWW-Virtual Library - History)
A non-commercial site helpful in locating maps. The Images of Early Maps on the Web page includes many links to sites with digitized images of early maps.

U.S. Geological Survey Map Catalog: Culture & History

For historical maps of a military nature, see Digitized Primary American History Sources: The U.S. in Conflict

Literary Maps

Dickens’ London (David A. Perdue)

Language of the land : The Library of Congress book of literary maps - Martha Hopkins and Michael Buscher
UNI Documents LC 5.2:L26/2
More than 230 literary maps from the Library of Congress

Moby Dick Literary Map (Library of Congress)

Zoom into Maps (Library of Congress)
Literary maps featuring images of authors, their works and associated geographical features were popular in the 20th century. Because of their purpose, these maps may not be correct geographically.