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Introduction to Student Services - POSTSEC 6264 - Kristin Woods: Google Scholar

Google Scholar - Advanced Search and Commads

Google Scholar has an Advanced Search that "hides" under the dropdown arrow at the end of the search box:



When you click on this dropdown arrow you will have extra options and thus greater control over your searches


If you click on the "anywhere in the article" option ...




... you can limit your search so that all the words you use must appear in the title:


It is also possible to use the command  " intitle: " in a standard Google Scholar search blank to limit certain words to the title while allowing other words to appear anywhere in the article.  Be sure that the term or phrase (which should be typed in quotes)  is entered immediately to the right of the colon in " intitle: "


Example 1 - a search for an article that contains the phrase "no child left behind" in the title and also contains the word "Iowa" somewhere else in the article:


Example 2 - a search for an article that contains the phrase "problem based learning" in the title as well as the word "mathematics" and also contains the phrase "middle school" somewhere in the article:

Google Scholar - Find it @ UNI - Off Campus Solutions

When you use Google Scholar on campus, Google Scholar will supply the Find it! @ UNI software that allows you to access very expensive research (paid for by UNI ... and your tuition dollars)





However, if you are off campus Google Scholar will not automatically supply the "Find it! @ UNI" unless you either ...


... access Google Scholar from this guide or access Google Scholar via the "Databases A-Z" link on the library homepage




... or you change the Google Scholar settings on the computer you are using off campus as follows:

1.  Click on the settings wheel at the top of the Google Scholar page         

2.  Click on the Library Links option   

3.  Type Iowa into the blank and click on the search button

4.  Check the option "University of Northern Iowa"

5.  Click on Save