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Open Access Resources

This guide is intended for the UNI community to help locate open access resources.

Video - What is Open Access?

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Video - Developments in Open Access

Peter Suber interviewed at the tenth anniversary of the Budapest Open Access Initative in 2012.

Why Should Faculty & Higher Education Institutions Care?

PLoS, CC, Wikimedia Commons

  • Open Access materials can often be used when copyright restrictions might prevent the use of "traditional" materials in an online setting. While Open Access materials are, for the most part, still under copyright by their creators, most academic and educational use is permitted without permission. Even if copying is not permitted, open materials can usually be linked from an online syllabus or reading list. Be sure to check the copyright or permissions statement before use.
  • Open Access materials can be excellent resources to supplement online library materials. Many scholarly and peer-review journals have opened their back issues as open access, and others have converted partially or totally to open access for all issues.
  • By Educators, For Educators - Many of the Open Access materials highlighted in these pages have been created specifically for educational use.




This guide has been created by University of Northern Iowa Rod Library and is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.