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Battle Analysis: Battle Maps

Static Battle Maps

Library of Congress.  Military Battles and Campaigns

Maps of military battles and wars may be contained within books, government documents, and other publications.  Maps are also contained within atlases, compendiums of maps.  

To find maps, use Books/Media and enter the name of the battle or operation.  With the results list on your screen, look at the left-hand column for Source Type and choose More options, then Maps.

To search for additional maps and for atlases, use the Advanced Search mode of Books/Media and construct a keyword search as follows:

first search box [battle] AND map*
second search box [battle] AND atlas*

substituting the name of the battle, campaign, or operation you are researching for [battle].

For example,

"world war" AND 1939-1945 AND map*

"world war" AND 1939-1945 AND atlas*    to identify:

Atlas of the Second World War  by Griess & Franks 
 Map Reference G 1038  A78 1985

Atlas of the Second World War  by  Young & Natkiel
   Map Reference 
G 1038 Y6 1974

The Historical Atlas of World War II
   Map Reference  G 1038 P55 1995   among others.

Note:  The Rod Library locations of Map and Map Reference are located in the northwest section of the first floor (basement).

War Maps: World War II, from September 1939, to August 1945, Air, Sea and Land, Battle by Battle  
   Rod Library UNI Stacks  G 1038 G66

The above search pattern conducted in the Advanced Search mode of Books/Media, using gettsysburg AND map*, identifies resources, including:

 The Maps of Gettysburg: An Atlas of the Gettysburg Campaign, June 3-July 13,1863 
   Available online through ebrary

Animated Battle Maps -- Movement Visualized

Animated mapping uses "animation, either computer or video, to add a temporal component to a map so that change in some dimension is displayed" (Wikipedia).  Animated maps depict or make visual military actions over time.  Events taking place over days, months, or years can be shown at a faster pace.  Some Websites providing animated maps of military battles and wars include:

CSI Battle Maps (Combat Studies Institute Battle Maps). United States Army Combined Arms Center.

History Animated

Search the Web for animated maps using the search pattern

   [name of the battle, campaign, or war] animated map  

For example, "Sanananda and animated map" identifies (among other animated maps):

The Japanese Besieged - the Battle of the Beachheads: Buna, Gona, Sanananda

Note: As is the case with printed publications, animated maps of specific battles may be contained within an animation of a campaign, operation, or war.