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EARTHSCI 3345 - Environmental Geology - Sedlacek

Resources and search techniques for research in environmental geology.

Your Librarian

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Anne Marie Gruber

Office Hours: Fall 2022

No appointment needed. Stop by for research help:

Wednesdays 1:30-3:30pm in Sabin Hall (hallway across from Social Work office 235)

Appointments (in-person or Zoom) available via my online scheduler.

General Databases (Interdisciplinary)

Additional Databases

Government Resources

The following government resources may be helpful in your research. You can also limit Google search results to U.S. federal & state government websites by adding at the end of your search terms. Example: water quality
For non-U.S. government sites, use the country code instead of gov. Example: sandstorms

You can also use the Google Advanced Search to limit by date, language, region, format, and more!

Finding Articles from a Citation

Timesaver Strategy!  Once you have found an article, borrow the citations to find more. Here's how:

How do I determine if the Rod Library has access to a known article?

If UNI doesn't own/subscribe to an article you need, feel free to request through Interlibrary Loan. If you need help with this process, see Anne Marie.

Browser Extensions for Faster PDFs

Add one+ of these browser extensions to get more full-text article pdfs no matter where you start your research. They will allow you to then Google for an article and connect with free or library-provided versions of many articles. Rod Library databases get you access to $1 million of content you can't always get otherwise.