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FAM SERV 4190 - Professional Practice in Family Services

Foundation Directory

Quick Foundation Directory Tips

Basic Navigation
  • Use 'Advanced Search and Filters'
  • Keep 'Include U.S. Federal Funders' checked at first
    • This will pull grants that fund multiple states which may include the state of interest
  • Use 'Additional Filters'
    • See the bullet point below for more information.
  • Use the directory's language
    • The boxes that populate the 'Funding Interest' section of the reports, come from these areas. Many of them allow you to get more specific or you can keep it at the broad topic. You also can add more than one keyword.
    • Boxes that use the pre-set language: Subject area, geographic focus, population served
  • Use 'Keyword' box
    • This box allows you to use your own additional words to get more specific. This is a great place to put a keyword that wasn't listed in the pre-set boxes.

Explanation of Results

  • Grantmakers (funders): A list of those who provide grants with your search terms. 
    • A wealth of information about the funder which helps know if your project is a good fit and helps you develop your proposal.
    • Areas of particular interest for your project:
      • Company or organization website
      • Funding Interests
      • About
      • Other Funders to Consider
      • Application/RFPs
  • Grants: A list of grants available with your search terms.
    • At a glance, see the grant description, focus areas, population groups, etc. to determine a good fit for your project.
  • Recipients: A list of those who received grants with your search terms.
    • Use this to see if your proposal is a 'good fit'
    • Areas of particular interest for your project:
      • How Big are the Grants?
        • To see over the course of grant-giving, how much money previous grants received at a glance
      • Funding Interests

Assignment-specific Tips

Mission of Company or Organization (Funder)

  • Go to the company or organization website. The best direct link should be in their Foundation Directory profile. If not, google them.
  • Some websites are designed better than others. Foundation websites are best because their primary purpose is to share about their giving and funding opportunities. Those who are the most difficult are corporations or companies because their websites serve purposes beyond telling about their charitable giving.
    • Look at the top banner and dropdown menu or look at the bottom of the website
    • Areas to look for the mission:
      • About us section
      • Anything talking about charity, charitable donations/giving, grants
      • CEO message
      • Foundation

Subject-specific Databases

Best used for finding peer-reviewed research that serves as background information to support your grant proposals.

Materials about Grant Budgets

The library has a few books (both online and physical) about developing a grant budget. There is also a free video from Candid on how to develop budgets.