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HIST 43I0 / HIST 5310 - History of Ancient Greece - Dise

This is a portal to L'Annee Philologique and JSTOR - databases for locating scholarly articles on Ancient Greece. This guide also provides a link to the often necessary interlibrary loan service - and step-by-step instructions for using interlibrary loa

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Your Resources for the Journal Research Report

L'Annee Philologique

A database devoted to the study of Greece and Rome and your first choice for the Journal Research Report.
The Advanced Search option will help you focus your search.  



A multidisciplinary database with great strengths in classical studies and history.  This is your second choice for the Journal Research Report.

Reminders - your JRR articles must be:

  • Published after 1970
  • At least five pages of text (beyond the title page and bibliography) 

L'Annee Philologique - How to use the Advanced Search