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SOC 1070 Introduction to Human Rights

This guide provides options and directions for finding research and high quality news on human rights issues.

Google Scholar Search Techniques

It is possible to use the command  intitle:  in a standard Google Scholar search blank to limit certain words to the title while allowing other words to appear anywhere in the article.  Be sure that the term or phrase (which should be typed in quotes)  is entered immediately to the right of the colon in  intitle:    


Example 1 - a search for an article that contains the phrase "climate change" in the title and also contains the words "Iowa" and "flooding" somewhere else in the article:


the intitle command for Google Scholar



Example 2 - a search for an article that contains both the phrase "climate change" and the word "drought" somewhere in the title, as well as the word "Africa" somewhere in the article:

Using the intitle command twice in a search

Getting to Recent Research

 Google Scholar will tend to display older research.


To adjust your results to recent years so that you can view results from a particular year - or so you can view the most recent research - use one of the date options found on the left-hand side of the page - "custom range" or "sort by date".

Sorting Google Scholar by date