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KINES 3155 - Exercise Physiology: Applications for Health and Human Performance

Use quotes around a phrase to keep words next to each other

  • Example:  "study habits"
  • Example:  "new york city"

Use AND to get specific (narrow your results)

  • Example: TBI AND veterans
  • Example: gender AND workplace

Use OR to search keywords that are similar (broaden your results)

  • Example: girl OR female OR woman
  • Example: school OR classroom

Use asterisk (*) to get all variations of root word in your search results

  • Example: farm* (retrieves farm, farms, farming, farmer, farmers, farmed, etc.)
  • Example: teach* (retrieves teach, teacher, teaching, teached, teaches, etc.)


(Note: These tricks do not work in Google (Google Books, Google Scholar, Google Web)