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Angie Cox

If you need to have a meeting with me outside the hours available, send me an email request and suggest other possible dates and times.

Search Databases

Suggest Keywords

You can either search by broad key terms:

  • "physical education"
  • "curriculum models"
  • "physical education model"
  • "physical education curriculum"

Or you can search by type or name of model:

  • "sport education"
  • "fitness education"
  • "skill theme"

If you search by type or name of model, add the phrase "curriculum model" to narrow your search:

  • "outdoor education" AND "curriculum model"
  • "cultural studies" AND "curriculum model"
  • "personal and social responsibility" AND "curriculum model"

Search Within Journal

For this assignment, you are given a list of suggested journals to use. While the easier way to find sources may be to use the databases and keywords listed above, you can also search within a journal for curriculum models. A link to a document outlining the steps on how to do this is below. If at any time you get stuck, please contact me (email: or schedule a meeting: