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Angie Cox

If you need to have a meeting with me outside the hours available, send me an email request and suggest other possible dates and times.

Keyword Tips

Finding Positive/Negative (Pro/Con) of an Issue?

  • Try keywords such as:

    • Benefits, advantages, or positive

    • Risks, disadvantages, or negative

    • Impact, effect, or influence

Have a topic that is a commercial product or program?

  • Don't necessarily use the name of the product or program (e.g., AdvoCare, South Beach diet, etc.)

  • Think about what these products or programs do, and use those keywords instead

    • Do they encourage eating certain types of food or activities?

    • Do they discourage certain types of food or activities?

    • Why do they encourage or discourage? 

    • What are the advantages or disadvantages of eating certain foods or participating in certain activities?

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