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Find Sources

a stack of scholarly journals on a table, including the Journal of Interactive MarketingAlso known as "Scholarly Articles," "Peer-Reviewed Articles," or "Academic Articles" or "Research Articles," these are

  • Written and reviewed by scholars and provide new research, analysis, or information about a specific topic.
    • "Peer review" means the article is approved by other experts before publication
  • Usually focused on a narrow subject or a single case study
  • Intended for an academic audience

Find Articles

Books on a shelf and a person reading on a kindle Unlike journal articles, books:

  • Are written on a broader, general subject
  • May contain a collection of related chapters by different authors
  • Contain less recent information

However, there is a kind of book common in music research known as the collected work or, if created in someone's honor, a festschrift. These books usually have multiple authors and an editor. The individual chapters are often more similar to scholarly articles than books.

Find Books 

Scores come in all shapes and sizes depending on their purpose. Mini scores are perfect for studying a piece while listening. Performance editions have individual parts for each instrument. Critical editions are prepared by scholars and usually include excellent historical information about the composition, performance, and publication of a piece of music. Collected worksanthologies, and denkmäler are collections of pieces on a particular topic, such as composer, time period, or country.

Online Score Collections -- Selected Examples

Collected Works and Critical Editions -- Examples

Thematic Catalogs are complete lists of works by a composer or in a genre. They include incipits (the opening musical gesture of a piece) and other important musical themes and motives.  To find thematic catalogs in our library, search OneSearch using the name of a composer or genre and the phrase "thematic catalogs".


Selected Examples

Guide to Research is a book-length bibliography of scholarship on a composer, genre or special topic. They are excellent resources for quickly learning about the breadth and depth of research on a topic. It is important to note the year of publication because any scholarship published after this date cannot be included.

The Library has hundreds of Guides to Research on a wide variety of music topics. 


Selected Examples

A laptop displaying Stonewall Uprising, a video on the Kanopy databaseAudio/visual resources are available in physical formats in the library (DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs) and digital formats (streaming audio and video). 

For your assignments, we recommend using library resources rather than general YouTube videos to ensure you are using credible sources. 



Find Audio/Visual Resources

You've probably used the Google search engine hundreds if not thousands of times—but did you know with a few simple commands, you can take control of Google? 


Use quotes to require a word or phrase be present somewhere in the search results. In this search, the phrases "climate change" and "infectious diseases" must appear somewhere in the search results. 

Google search for climate change and infectious diseases in quotes



Use the minus sign directly in front of and against a word for it to not appear in your search results. In this search, the phrase "animal cloning" must appear in the search results and the word "sheep" cannot show up in the search results. 

Google search for animal cloning in quotes and sheep with a minus sign in front of the word



Use the intitle: command to limit to search results with a specific keyword or phrase in the title of the web page. In this search, "microplastics" must appear somewhere in the search results and "Baltic Sea" must be in the title of the search result. 

Google search with microplastic in quotes and the phrase Baltic Sea after the intitle: command



Use the site: command to limit to a certain website or type of websites. Find credible websites quickly by using the command to limit to education websites and command to limit to U.S. Government websites. In this search, Google will limit to U.S. government websites with the phrase "information literacy" in the title of the search result. 

Google search with the phrase information literacy in quotes and a site command for .gov websites