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CHEM 2230 - Organic Chemistry Lab - Manfredi

A guide to sources for: named organic reactions and free radical chlorination. Tips on using SciFinder-n and Chemical Abstracts in print.

Find the Citation for the Original Article

To find the citation for the original article where your named reaction was published, use one or more of the following print resources in Rod Library. Need help finding or using them? Contact your librarian, Anne Marie Gruber.

Wikipedia also does a pretty good job of including original article citations in articles about specific named reactions. Some named reactions might not have a Wikipedia article or you may need to scroll or search to find yours.

You can also try searching in SynArchive, a free database of organic chemistry syntheses. Or browse the alphabetical list of all syntheses included in SynArchive.

Pro tips:

  • Note that some original articles are not in English! 
  • For older articles, each article doesn't always start at the top of a new page. Sometimes it's toward the middle or bottom of a page, and the top of the page is the end of the previous article!

Name(d) Reactions: Books in Rod Library