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Archive--Psychological Assessment

Attention: This guide is no longer being developed or updated. Please contact your library liaison for assistance.

Psychological Assessment Overview

Psychological assessment can be defined as evaluating a person's cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and/or social functioning (Segal & Coolidge, “Objective Assessment of Personality and Psychopathology: An Overview” in Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment, 2004).  Various methods may be used to gather psychological assessment data including clinical interviews, behavioral observation, psychological tests, psychophysiological measurement devices, and other specialized test apparatuses. In this Subject Guide “test” will be used generically to refer to all the various psychological assessment methods.

Rod Library does not collect commercially-available psychological tests or test administration manuals (that is, tests available only by purchasing copies from the test publisher). Like most academic libraries of our size, we do not maintain a file of commercially-available psychological tests due to publishers’ requirements for test security. Some examples of commercially-available tests include Beck Depression Inventory-II, Bem Sex-Role Inventory, Draw-a-Person, MMPI-2-RF, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-V (WISC-V).

Rod Library does provide:

directories of commercially-published tests which describe the tests, provide purchase information, and may provide critical reviews (including reliability, validity, and normative data)

directories of experimental, non-commericial tests reprinted in full or in part in journals or in a microfiche test collection

thematically-organized handbooks about experimental, non-commercial psychological tests which may contain the tests in full or in part

books and articles about psychological assessment, psychometrics, test development, specific tests, and related topics

ethical guidelines establishing the proper use of tests and interpretation of test results

 Additional Information

FAQ/Finding Information about Psychological Tests
A guide prepared by the American Psychological Association to finding psychological tests and test information.