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Angie Cox

If you need to have a meeting with me outside the hours available, send me an email request and suggest other possible dates and times.

Questions to Consider


Working together with your group, review your group's questions and explore the sources suggested provided on the library research guide to find answers.

The questions document saves changes automatically. Please edit in your group’s section only & don’t edit above the line. :)

  • Open the questions in a new tab. Respond directly below each question.

  • Number each response to match the questions.

  • Don't forget to cite your sources. Just a URL is fine.

  • Explore! If you can't find an answer, include other relevant information you come across that is interesting or surprising.

  • Try advanced Google searching tips on this page.

  • Be ready to share with the class what you learned, how you feel, and what you want to do next.

Maternal Mortality