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SOC 4005 / SOC 5005 - Refugees and Humanitarianism - Warren

Library resource guide and portal for locating research and quality news on refugees, immigration, and humanitarianism.

OneSearch and Google Scholar

                           OneSearch - UNI Rod Library search engine and catalog - set to advanced search                                 

Google Scholar - Link for off campus
OneSearch - What UNI Owns  Google Scholar - Search for PDF/HTML

OneSearch Advice

The OneSearch advanced search blank

OneSearch will tell you what is available
in the UNI Rod Library.

OneSearch searches for books and
articles from journals, magazines and newspapers.

Limiting to title or subject while searching OneSearch

Limiting OneSearch by publication date or format type (journals, books)

Since OneSearch searches millions of items –
it is always a good idea to either:

Focus your search by Title or Subject




Limit your OneSearch results
by year(s) or type of material

Google Scholar Advice

Google Scholar - Link for off campus

Google Scholar searches research articles,
dissertations, and conference presentations

Only a fraction of this material is free. 

Limiting Google Scholar by publication year




Search commands for Google Scholar - the intitle:  command - using quotes


Since Google Scholar searches millions of items –
it is always a good idea to either:


Limit your results by year(s)






Use quotes to ensure that phrases
and individual words are searched for.

Focus your search with the command      intitle:   

e.g.      intitle:refugees    “Sudan”