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2020 Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (ProQuest)

Current Issue of the Statistical Abstract of the United States - from ProQuest

Statistical Abstract of the U.S. is a commercial database that provides a wide range of demographic and economic national data. 

State-by-state comparisons can be found by:

  1. clicking on a category (e.g. Sec 13 Income, Expenditures, Poverty, and Wealth) 
  2. then clicking on "Breakdown by" in the left-hand column of the results
  3. then clicking on the "state" options  e.g.  state(10)

It is possible search earlier editions or all editions of this database (2013-2019) by changing the Select edition option on the first page of this database.

Historic Statistical Abstracts of the U.S. (1879 - 2012)

Historic Collection of Statistical Abstract of the United States from 1879 to 2012

Statistical Abstracts of the United States were treasure troves of statistics (once made freely available by the U.S. Government).

Statistical Abstracts are still great one-stop resource for historic statistics - however - only some of the tables provide state-by-state information (some metropolitan area stats but data at the county level).

U.S. Census Data -

The U.S. Census Bureau ( provides a powerful access to demographic. will provide data on total population as well as distributions for characteristics such as age, race, gender, education attainment, housing, veteran status, disability status, citizenship status.


Stats America

STATSAMERICA will allow you to locate demographic data on states, counties, cites/towns, and even neighborhoods.

Options include USA States in Profile, USA Counties in Profile, USA Towns in Profile, and the Big Radius Tool (to find information on regions).