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PSYCH 3002 - Research Methods in Psychology

A guide to using APA PsycInfo, Google Scholar, determining if a journal is peer-reviewed, and limiting to empirical studies. Includes directions for creating a Zotero account, how to upload citations to Zotero, and how to download citations in APA format.


Zotero is an application that collects, manages, and cites research sources.

Zotero is free, easy to use, and connects with your web browser to compile sources.

Use Zotero with Google Documents


Once you've created a Zotero account and you have sources in it, you can start using it to save time as you work on your papers. ***

Note - you'll need your Zotero Library to be open when you're creating Reference Lists or working in MS Word.


Drag & Drop a Citation

  1. Drag and drop references into a bibliography:
  2. Select the reference(s) you want to include.
  3. Drag them to a Word Document/Google Doc.
  4. Drop them.
  5. Your references are now ready to be used in a bibliography.

Create a bibliography by selecting references:

  1. Select the references you want to include.
  2. Right-click and select Generate Bibliography from Items.
  3. Choose your citation stylebibliography and copy to clipboard.
  4. Open a Word Document.
  5. Paste (ctrl + V  -- or -- CMD + V).


In-text Citations

Drag & drop in-text citations, the same way that you drag & drop references:

  1. Select the reference you're using.
  2. Hold down shift while dragging it to your paper.
  3. Drop it.


*** Zotero how-to directions courtesy of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science Libraries

See directions from this website for instructions on how to use Zotero "Word" plug-ins (Add-In).