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UNIV 4186: Studies in Peer Education - Level 3

OneSearch Basics

  • Know the difference between
    • peer advising college
    • peer mentoring college
    • peer tutoring college
    • peer education college
    • peer teaching college
  • Use of quotation marks for phrases like "peer tutoring"
  • Filters are your friend
    • Especially subject and publication date
  • Just because a title doesn't look useful may not be indicative of its usefulness to you

Beyond the Basics of OneSearch

  • Expanded Search is your friend!
  • Where can you find newspapers?

Citations are Immensely Powerful

  • Read the reference list!
    • Who is getting cited? Who is getting cited more than once? Are specific journals getting cited multiple times?
  • Red Arrows in One Search
  • Web of Science
    • Related Records as value added
  • Google Scholar
    • Cited By as value added
    • Make sure your personal profile is set up to check for UNI content.
  • Know how to move from a print-based reference to what is available in Rod Library