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Resources Located in Reference

Codes of Professional Responsibility : Ethics Standards in Business, Health, and Law
UNI Reference BJ 1725 C57 1999
Professional ethics--United States

The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Business Ethics
UNI Reference HD 30.15 B453 1997 v.11
Volume 11 of the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management.
Business ethics--Dictionaries

The Power of the Press
UNI Reference AC 1 R4 v.71 no.1
Journalistic ethics

Bioethics : Sex, Genetics & Human Reproduction
UNI Reference HQ 32 B52 1998
Human reproduction--Moral and ethical aspects--Dictionaries

Encyclopedia of Bioethics
UNI Reference QH 332 E52 1995
Medical ethics--Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society
UNI Reference HF 5387 E53 2008 ( 5 volumes)

Encyclopedia of Ethics in Science and Technology
UNI Reference Q175.35 B37 2002
Science--Moral and ethical aspects--Encyclopedias; Technology--Moral and ethical aspects--Encyclopedias

The Concise Encyclopedia of the Ethics of New Technologies
UNI Reference TP 248.23 C664 2001
Medical genetics--Moral and ethical aspects--Encyclopedias; Biotechnology--Moral and ethical aspects--Encyclopedias

COGEL Blue Book (Campaign Finance, Ethics, Lobby Law, & Judicial Conduct)
UNI Reference KF 4920 Z95C34 9th ed.

International Ethics : a Reference Handbook
UNI Reference JZ 1242 E43 1998
International relations

Resources Located in the Stacks

The Environmental Crisis: Understanding the Value of Nature
UNI Stacks GE 42 R69 2000
Environmental ethics

Ethikon Series in Comparative Ethics

Alternative Conceptions of Civil Society
UNI Stacks BJ 1031 A48 2002
Boundaries and Justice : Diverse Ethical Perspectives
UNI Stacks BJ 1012 B598 2001
Civil Society and Government<
UNI Stacks JC 336 C5645 2002
Confucian Political Ethics
UNI Stacks BL 1840 C65 2008
The Ethics of War and Peace : Religious and Secular Perspectives
UNI Stacks BL 65 W2E74 1996
The Many and the One: Religious and Secular Perspectives on Ethical Pluralism in the Modern World
UNI Stacks BJ 69 M26 2003
Islamic Political Ethics : Civil Society, Pluralism, and Conflict

UNI Stacks JC 49 I766 2002
States, Nations, and Borders : the Ethics of Making Boundaries
UNI Stacks JC 323 S73 2003

To Find Additional Resources

Additional information on the ethics of a profession may be identified by doing a Keyword search in UNISTAR for the profession and adding the word ethics.  Example: Nursing ethics; Medical ethics; Religious ethics, etc.

Additional resources on Ethics located in Reference may be identified by using the Modify Search button in UNISTAR and limiting your search results to Location of Reference.  You may also use this method to limit your results to the Location of Stacks.  Another option is to select the Specialized Search tab in UNISTAR and select the location from the list of Specialized Locations on the right.