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BIOL 4164 - Mammalogy - Demastes

Guide for locating research on specific mammals. Tips on where to search and how to search.

Finding Journal Articles with a Citation

Timesaver Strategy!  Once you have found an article, borrow the citations to find more. Here's how:

In OneSearch, some articles provide quick links to get to articles that cite the article you have, as well as the article's bibliography/references. Use the red arrows as shown below, if provided, to Find Sources Citing This and Find Sources Cited in This.

OneSearch record with cited reference arrows circled in red

Use the links provided (Get PDF or Find Online if available through Rod Library) as shown below to access each relevant article.
OneSearch record with Pet PDF and Read Online options circled in red

Alternatively, if you have citations for articles you want, search by journal title (not article title) in Rod Library Journal Search.

It's also fast and easy to search in Rod Library's Google Scholar for an article you know about to determine if Rod Library has access.