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BIOL 4164 - Mammalogy - Demastes

Guide for locating research on specific mammals. Tips on where to search and how to search.

In-Class Questions

When considering the 2 provided articles, think about & discuss:

1. Who or what were the subjects of study?
2. What data set was used/analyzed?
3. What were the researchers wearing when they gathered data?
4. What were the overall findings/results?

When considering the 1 article we're going to focus on, think about & discuss:

1. Who are the authors? What do we know (or can we Google) about them?
2. Where was this published? What do know (or can we Google) about it?
3. How current is it?
4. What further research is suggested?
5. How would we find more like this?

General Databases (Interdisciplinary)

Species Search Tips

Try both common and scientific names.
Scientific name lookup: Catalogue of Life
Use quotation marks around logical phrases, such as scientific names (ex. ursus maritimus)

Biology-Focused Databases