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MEASRES 6205 - Educational Research - Joram

A guide to resources and best practices for educational research.



The link above leads to the multidisciplinary database that searches for Articles,Books, and DVDs. 
For more control in searching, use:   Advanced Search

OneSearch "Advanced Search"

How to find scholarly journal articles on topics in education with OneSearch “Advanced Search.”
  1. Head to the Rod Library website –     (or just google – UNI Library)
  2. Click on the “Advanced Search” option to the right of the OneSearch search blank.
  3. Type in your topic and search.  
  4. After you get (too many) results you can focus your search as follows:

    On the right-hand column of the results page try the following:
    • Change the “Limit to” to “Peer Reviewed Journals
    • Farther down the page adjust the “Publication Date” to a desired date range e.g. 2010 to 2019
  5. To retrieve an online article - click on "Full text available" which will either provide you with a link to the article or take you directly to that article.

Search Tips for OneSearch

To focus your searches using OneSearch try the following commands in Advanced Search mode:

Examples of Boolean Logic.  Link to advanced OneSearch


Another powerful technique is to search for your topic in the Title or Subject.  To do this, change the dropdown menu in the Advanced Search from “Any Field” to “Title” or "Subject"

Link to advanced OneSearch.  Allows for searching by title or subject.


A rather rough technique for limiting OneSearch to empirical studies: Subject = Research

While the following technique is rather imperfect it is possible to nudge OneSearch results in the direction of empirical studies (research) by including a Subject search for Research in one of the search blanks.


Adding a subject search for the term "Research" in one of the OneSearch search blanks increases your odds of locating empirical studies.